Laura (aopansaa) wrote in orchidculture,

Christmas Orchid!

Hey everyone! Still no news on two of the rescued orchids, they're not *dead*. But they haven't put out new roots yet. Hopefully I can keep them going for a while longer.

In other news, though. I have the BEST coworker ever! She was my Secret Santa at work and got me the most *gorgeous* purple orchid in full bloom! I am so thrilled!

Merry Christmas to me!

There she is! Isn't she gorgeous? I have to say, I adore my coworker for this. She knows me soooo well! so now I have my original orchid from my birthday. The baby it's sprouting. The healthy rescued orchid and this orchid. Not to mention the two that I'm still not sure will survive.

And then I have other plants on top of that! Goodness, I'm certainly becoming quite the crazy plant lady. *lol*
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Nice! That was a really nice gift :).
I'm glad to hear that your two rescued orchids aren't... really dead. I didn't comment on your last post, but I read it, and I was wondering how they were doing.

I actually bought some orchids on sale at my Krogers. Most of them looked really feeble, and two seemed really healthy. But it turned out they were all marked down because they had a bad case of root rot :/, so... if (hopefully) they live; I'll have rescued some orchids, too :D. (Only mentioning because I actually have 16 indoor plants, and I wanted you to know you weren't the only crazy plant woman here :D).

Good luck with your weak orchids <3
Thanks! I've moved them into the front window, which gets really great light all day (though not direct half of the day, I think it's facing East). That room is also the warmest in the house, so hopefully the weeks in the cold bathroom and the now *warm* temperatures will trigger the orchids to root.

I hope they root. I really really do!