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Orchid appreciation

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This is a community for people with an interest in Orchids and Orchid Cultivation.
Novices and experts alike are welcome.
Questions, advice and photos are all welcome.

New members, please let us know who you are and a little bit about your interests in orchids - whether you are an expert in cultivation, just have a few along with the rest of your houseplants, or you just think they are an amazing plant.

PLEASE check the memories, we've been having a lot of redundant posts. I try to add as many things as possible, and we've got a decent number of entries covering a lot of frequently asked questions.

Because I belong to a few other communities, I feel that a few rules are in order:

1) This is a FRIENDLY community. Negative or disparaging posts, comments and attitudes will not be tolerated.

2) Photos are welcome. If posting more than one photo, please use the cut tag. Instructions on how to use the cut tag can be found here.
Also, please keep your images down to a size of no more than 400 pixels in height or width, or 40k in file size. If you have questions about posting images, or need help with the cut tag or re-sizing images, please feel free to contact me via the email in the user info.

3) Spamming, Trolling and other totally off topic posting will not be tolerated.

Rules are subject to change at any time, at my discretion.

Welcome to the community!
I am the owner, moderator and maintainer, lookngglassgirl