Laura (aopansaa) wrote in orchidculture,

Rescued Orchid Update

Back again and bad news on one of the rescues. It was just too far gone. The entire leaf and crown died back, it just didn't have enough roots to keep it going. The other one is doing well, though. One of the leaves had to be removed since it was browning and I didn't want it to have to focus on that, but it still has two relatively healthy ones.

No new roots yet, which is strange, but *shrugs* Hopefully it'll come around. I'm going to be picking up tiny pots soon, that I will be filling with finely minced orchid bark. I'll then be putting the baby orchid from Odette in one of them, and the remaining rescue in the other, hoping it'll do better in some medium. Perhaps a bit of fertilized water will help give it the energy it needs to put out some new roots.

As for the Christmas orchid, it is still doing *very* well. I'm not sure that I named it, but 'Ophelia' and 'Ondine' both come to mind. Which means I named the healthy rescued orchid and forgot which name I gave it *lol*

I did unpot the Christmas orchid yesterday, in preparation for repotting it in proper orchid mix and giving it a proper soaking. I can not tell you how much I wanted to smack the nursery when I got a good look at it out of the pot.

After fighting to loosen it (Finally had to use a chopstick to wedge in and work around the side) because it was so heavily packed, I finally got it out. An entire layer of Sphagnum moss peeled off, revealing the perfect imprint of a smaller pot underneath. The nursery had just taken it out of the smaller one and crammed it into the larger one with more moss. After working *that* loose, I found yet *another* tiny pot form inside. It has been in the same potting medium for at least two years, and was so densely packed it's amazing it was able to dry out properly between watering. I'm amazed there weren't very many roots that needed to be trimmed. I was fully expecting a massive amount of rot after that. I can't wait to get it repotted!

I'm going to be repotting all of my plants at the end of the month, when I get my tax return and I can invest in good potting medium for everything. I also want to invest in mulch for the soil-seated plants, they sit in the window and end up drying out very quickly during the day. That's why I usually wait until nightfall to water them, so they have all night to soak up the moisture.
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